About Us

We Instant Short Term Loans are a known organization in the loan market. We specialize in arranging short-term cash helps for our borrowers. We are associated with a gamut of lenders who are ready to provide cash assistance through us at easily repayable options.

The cash assistance in the form of short term payday loans and installment loans online has some common features. For example, the low scorers can apply with us without a credit check. Therefore, people whose credit reports have foreclosures or late/missed payments can apply for either of the loan services. Moreover, we are never going to demand collateral for availing the loans. Both loans are unsecured in nature.

Our short term payday loans let the borrower repay around the following payday while our installment loans online are good for the borrowers who wish to have a relaxed repayment tenure. This tenure is based on your repayment capacity.

The application procedure for our loans at Instant Short Term Loans is carried out online. The application form is available around the clock on our website. We do not have any processing or application charges. We do not support cumbersome procedures, and that is why we never ask our borrowers to fax their documents during the time of the submission of the application.

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