Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply for the short term payday loans and installment loans online?

It is very easy; go the online application page available through 'Apply Now' link to send us your request for loans within a minute.

I have default in my credit record. Am I eligible for the loans?

Yes. Whether you wish to apply for short term payday loans or installment loans online, your credit ratings will never be a hindrance. Hence, apply without hesitation.

How much money can I raise through your services?

At Instant Short Term Loans, we will try our best to arrange the amount that matches perfectly with your monetary requirement and your repaying ability.

Is it safe to share my personal details with you online?

Yes; our strict privacy policy does not permit any misuse or theft of our clients' data from our database.

Will I be obligated by submitting the application form?

We have a no obligation application form. You can cancel the application any time you like.

How soon can I get approval?

Our fast application process ensures securing approval within 2-3 hours. Please make sure of filling up the form accurately.

Do I have to bear any costs for applying for the loans?

No, you will not have to pay any kind of fees for availing any of our services.

Can I apply on weekends?

Yes. Our application service is open on weekends also.

Can I make application at night?

Certainly; you can make application any time you want to-day and night, all seven days a week. Hence, you can apply any moment that you need cash.

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